What We See In The Crib Is The Greatest Mind!

EPX Body- Hello today, tomorrow and for generations to come!

Let us help you map out the way your children grow in health and fitness! It starts with YOU

Cognitive Development: EPX Body Team knows that we can help shape yours and your childrens lives!

The term cognitive development refers to the process of growth and change in intellectual/mental abilities such as thinking, reasoning and understanding. It includes the acquisition and consolidation of knowledge. Infants draw on social-emotional, language, motor, and perceptual experiences and abilities for cognitive development. They are attuned to relationships between features of objects, actions, and the physical environment. But they are particularly attuned to people. Parents, family members, friends, teachers, and caregivers play a vital role in supporting the cognitive development of infants by providing the healthy interpersonal or social-emotional context in which cognitive development unfolds. Caring, responsive adults provide the base from which infants can fully engage in behaviors and interactions that promote learning. Such adults also serve as a prime source of imitation. Isn’t this so true! We need to Lead By Our Example to our little ones not only at home but wherever we go! Those little eyes are watching. Those little ears are hearing! What can we give them in return that will map out our kid’s futures?!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the other side!



Simply start by filling out your information from the link above and help EPX Body thrive to help you thrive!! Or click on the image here.


~ by Patrick on April 1, 2013.

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