Shout Out!!

Hey Everyone,

Patrick here with EPX Body and on behalf of the PHP Movement team

Congratulations to John Davis! He  WON last week’s Facebook contest for two FREE convention tickets for the upcoming EPX Body Convention in Las Vegas on April 26-27.

Do you want to win FREE tickets too! It’s simple and fun.  We will be holding a different Facebook contest every week through mid-April, so let everyone on your team know! The winner gets a FREE pair of convention tickets! (If they already have a ticket, we will pay for their hotel room.) Only one prize person.

To ensure that you are receiving the latest updates on all the convention news, including contests, be sure that you have “Liked” the official “EPX BODY” Facebook page maintained by EPX Body Corporate. (It has a profile picture of the blue and orange EPX Body logo with “official” stamped in white below it.)  Once you’ve clicked “Liked” on that page, select “Get Notifications” to ensure that you do not miss a single update.

Distributors are individuals who wish to build a business with EPXBody, and provides a way for anyone to sign up with EPXBody, promoting your business you can generate income by sharing your experience with EPXBody, referring others and more. You will receive your own personal EPXBody replicated turnkey website to promote your new business, as well as be placed directly into the EPXBody pay plan system!

We need you to help us continue to reach people and keep changing lives across the globe!

Sign up with the link below.


Thrive to Strive


~ by Patrick on April 4, 2013.

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