Lets get LEAN!

Lets get LEAN!

The EPXBody 12 week challenge was created to motivate YOU to make a positive lifestyle change, while transforming your mind-and your body.
We include everything you need: Clean meal plan, a easy exercise program to follow, and amazing supplements. Not only can you change your body and gain confidence in just 12 weeks by following this plan but we will even pay you up to $10 for ever pound you lose.
You can start at anytime but the best time to start is right now! Simply pick one of our products packs starting at just $39.95 and then follow the simple directions listed on the How to Enter link.
Here are a few FAQ’s that might help you:
Do I need to hire a trainer?
You don’t need to hire a personal trainer to enter the challenge. We have everything you need mapped out for you.
Will I get a workout plan and meal plan?
A workout plan and meal plan are provided for you in your back office.
What do I have to pay for?
It is only required that you purchase 1 EPXBody product per month during the course of this contest. We have products starting at $39.95 or you can buy a 90 day supply for $99.95 and save $20.
Can I do this?
What you look like is at least 80% nutrition, ANYONE can do this! Busy moms, full time workers, students, etc. IF you are willing to follow the meal plans and use the supplements , you will be successful.
If I have competed before, can I enter?
You can only enter the EPXBody Challenge once and your results have to be current so you cannot use before and after pictures from a different challenge. You must submit a photo holding today’s newspaper for proof that it’s current.
I live outside the US and still want to enter the challenge!
You can enter the challenge in any country we are shipping products to, the rules for registration is the same no matter what country you live in.
Who can win?
The EPXBody challenge is a very unique challenge and everyone can win because instead of just picking a couple winners we actually pay per pound lost. Look at the chart below to see how it works. (insert the chart showing the pay scale)
Do I need to mail in my entry and enter online?
You can enter either online or you can mail your entry in the rules are the same either way.
Lets get LEAN!

Patrick @ EPX Body




~ by Patrick on April 8, 2013.

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