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 I  just don’t see why people wouldn’t want this!!!!


X Body works and Here is the Proof :

EPX Body occupies the nutritional space  The products at EPX Body are based on advanced Scientific Research and the compensation plan allows distributors to start profiting immediately.The EPX Body Products EPX Body has 8 amazing products in its product line all based on advanced scientific research. All of the EPX Body products are all natural and all of them benefit your overall health. The EPX Body products are affordable and all it takes to become an EPX Body distributor is to purchase just any one EPX Body product on autoship. Enter to win $1,000 just for taking the time to listen to a six minute video and learn more about EPX Body.

6minMovieScreen<<<EPX Body Video, Click on the Pic>>>
The EPX Body Marketing Plan EPX Body provides all distributors with 5 powerful websites that include 2 different marketing systems. The main EPX Body website includes information about the products and opportunity. Your EPX products website is geared towards retail sales where you can earn generous 40% commissions on every order your customers ever make. Your Get EPX Marketing System allows your prospects to enter their name into a $1,000 drawing that happens every month. If you become an EPX Body distributor and one of your prospects wins the monthly drawing, you will also win $500. The Get EPX Marketing system is the main marketing system that an EPX Distributor will use on the front end because it plugs every prospect that fills out their information into an 18 day autoresponder follow up series. This marketing system is 100% free and allows you to easily follow up with interested prospects. The EPX Body 90 Day Challenge website promotes the EPX Body 90 Day Challenge. When you order any one of the EPX Body products each month, you can participate in the EPX Body 90 Day Challenge. Here is how it works.


1-19 pounds – You will get a free EPX Body T shirt.20-29 pounds – You will earn $4 per pound you lose.30-39 pounds – You will earn $6 per pound you lose 40-49 pounds – You will earn $8 per pound you lose 50 pounds or more – You will get a check for $500. The EPX Body 90 Day Challenge is a powerful program where customers and distributors can earn more money than their product purchase by doing nothing more than losing weight. The PHP Movement marketing system is another free marketing system provided by EPX Body. How many times after a prospect requests more information do we hear that they need to think about it more! This system makes sure that they make a decision to join EPX Body because it allows you to pay their way in the first month. As an EPX Body Distributor, you will be able to purchase PHP Movement credits in your back office. These credits cost you just $5 each. You can buy as few as 1 or as many as you want. Each credit allows you to get someone started in EPX Body for one month. The prospects you allow to get started through EPX Body are sent to your PHP Movement website to fill out their information. Once you have their information, they will go into a holding tank where you can decide whether to approve or deny their request. Once you approve them here is what happens. They will be sent a week supply of our Nutri-Thin weight loss and mood supplement. This product can be felt immediately after someone takes it. It works off of a different premise than most weight loss supplements. Instead of stimulating you, EPX Nutri-Thin works on the pleasure centers of your brain. This makes you full, puts you in a good mood, increases your sex drive and has a ton of other really amazing benefits. They will also be fully qualified as an EPX Body distributor for one month and get a DVD explaining EPX. This is an EASY way to get people started in EPX Body. Enter to win $1,000 just for taking the time to listen to a six minute video and learn more about EPXBody. The EPX Body Compensation Plan EPX Body has a hybrid forced matrix compensation plan with generous customer bonuses, fast start bonuses a hybrid 4×5 matrix that pays out as much as 20% of the CV, direct sponsor matching check bonuses of 25% and generational check match bonuses through 4 generations of executive distributors within your organization

Watch The Video Below Just Click The Pic.


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Customer Bonuses:

The EPX Body compensation plan pays out 40% on customer orders. This means you will get $16 every time your customer orders a $40 product. Fast Start Bonuses – EPX Body also pays 40% fast start bonuses on all of your new distributors first orders. Keep in mind that EPX Body has a $399 fast start package so your fast start commissions can be very generous. Forced Matrix – The EPX Body compensation plan is centered around a 4×5 matrix. This matrix pays 2.5% on levels one and 2, 5% on levels 3 and 4 and a whopping 20% on level 5. To qualify for the EPX forced matrix, you need to only sponsor 1 distributor.25% Matching bonus on all personally sponsored reps – In addition to your matrix pay, you will also earn 25% of the matrix pay of every distributor you personally sponsor in EPX Body. There is no limit to how many distributors that you can sponsor within your organization. To qualify for the 25% matching bonuses, you only need to sponsor 1 distributor. 12% Generational Check Match Bonus – As an executive, you will also earn 12% off of everyone within your organization through 4 generations of executives on each personally sponsored line. This means you could earn a 12% match on every distributor.

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Now Isn’t this exciting!!!




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